The HCDCC will host a virtual meeting on February 08 at 7 pm for the purpose of interviewing our applicants for the Harford County Board of Elections. Applicants will be provided by email with procedures for the interview so they can know what to expect. Please stay tuned for the…
Plus: Don't forget to submit applications for the Harford County Board of Elections by Feb. 8
Plus: Join the HCDCC's monthly meeting on Jan. 25
Emailed responses needed by Jan. 23
Our communities function only when supported by educated and engaged citizens who seek to translate their values into actions
Today we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Plus: The HCDCC meeting this month will be on Jan. 25 at the McFaul Activities Center
Good Morning, and Happy New Year to all Democrats of Harford County! As we unwind from the holiday season and, having rung in 2023, we want to take this…
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